Our vision is for every person to continually experience and maintain:

  • personal well-being;

  • engagement in their interests inside and outside of their home.

  • satisfying personal relationships;

  • and participation in and contribution to community life.



Our purpose is to assist and support people in forming and achieving a life of their own choosing.


We promote communication and seek the contribution of ideas so that everyone feels responsible for success. We welcome all stakeholders in planning, decision making, implementing, and evaluating.


We believe every employee should have a commitment to continuously refine what we do so that we do it a little better each day.

Guiding Values

We encourage personal growth and understand that people we serve change. We provide services and supports based on current preferences and needs.

Our first responsibility is to people who use our services. We learn what is valued by the person and we work in accordance with these values. Quality is defined by the people we serve.

Our words are in sync with our actions and we fulfill our commitments.

We exceed people’s expectations and derive a sense of fulfillment from doing something that matters.

We believe in the dignity of each person; expect honesty and consideration in all of our actions.