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Comparing Supports


New Directions, Inc. provides single-family 4-bedroom homes in residential neighborhoods

Staff are present on the weekends, before people we serve leave for work, after work and overnight

Support Staff

The level of support depends on the needs of each person. Some are completely in charge of their own meds, others have staff give them meds and others are somewhere in between.


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including: in-home support, access housing,
independent living, semi-independent living


People we serve live in their own apartment, often with a roommate, or with their family

Support Staff

People we serve (or their guardian) schedule staff. Some schedule staff regularly (i.e. every Tuesday afternoon) and some schedule staff around certain events (i.e. basketball league)


People we serve (or their family) fill pill organizers and are completely in charge of their medication. Staff can check the pill organizers for accuracy.


Everyone served by New Directions, Inc. are offered the following supports.

Building and Maintaining Relationships

Everyone deserves to have friends and places they feel like they belong. Unpaid relationships are fundamental in leading a fulfilling life and have positive impacts to a person's quality of life, including his or her physical and mental health. As such, we assist and encourage people be members of their communities and to build and maintain personal relationships. When people we serve are connected to a community, they can be recognized for their strengths and can make positive contributions.

Person-Centered Planning

Everyone served by New Directions, Inc. has the option of receiving Person-Centered Planning. This is a way that staff at New Directions, Inc. and the person we serve are on the same page in terms of the way he or she would like to be supported, what's important to the person, what's important for his or her health and safety, and what are his or her goals, hopes and dreams.

Person-Centered Planning is offered when a person begins with New Directions, Inc. (the intake or 45-day meeting), and at least once per year after that.

In order to track important information and to best serve people, New Directions, Inc. uses Person-Centered Thinking Tools developed by the Learning Community such as One Page Profiles, Good Day/Bad Day, the Learning Log, and Relationship Circles.

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