Deb Sherman

Program Director

What is it about your work that energizes and inspires you?

Seeing the smiles on the faces of people we serve when they get to do something they've been dreaming of doing. Watching their lives change in a way that makes sense to them. Getting a call from two people I serve on a regular basis asking to go out eat.

What’s your favorite tradition?

I call each of my family members on their birthdays and sing Happy Birthday

to them.

What’s your idea of perfect weekend?

Spending the entire weekend at the Wisconsin Dells at the wave pool with all my grandchildren would be my perfect idea of a perfect weekend!


How did you get into this field?

In 1992, I needed a part time job to help raise 4 children as a single parent.  I knew nothing of the field and was scared to death. I immediately fell in love with the people I serve and then worked my way into a full-time job.  I left what I thought was a “prestigious” job and wage and never looked back!

Ross Kigner


Deb Sherman

Program Director

Jana Guggisberg

Program Director

Melissa Burke

Program Director

In-home, Access Housing,


Karen Holt

Director of Corporate Compliance

Residential Openings

Kim Rhein

Director of Human Resources and Finance

Laurie Kigner

Leadership Team Member-at-Large

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Advocate of Person Centered Strategies

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Recruiting and Training Coordinator

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