Laurie Kigner

Leadership Team Member-at-Large

What is it about your work that energizes and inspires you?

I am continually surprised by the variety of ways I enjoy the work at New Directions, above and beyond the relationships I experience. It might be finding training information that applies to both my work and my non-work life. Or personal growth gained from the wide range of experiences and exposure. Or sharing joy through gardening, fresh vegetables and flowers. There is so much opportunity in this field to create deeper connections, deeper thinking, and paths that help celebrate and build on meaning in the lives of everyone involved.

What’s your favorite tradition?

I love engaging in the cycle of Minnesota’s seasons to work with the earth, working to grow and share the bounty of that process.

What’s your idea of perfect weekend?

I spend time outside, create at least one interesting and delicious meal, sip some quality red wine, and enjoy engaging conversation.

What is one of the things on your bucket list?

In 2018 I was asked if I would join a canoe trip to the BWCA led by two experienced outdoorsmen. I had less than two weeks of notice so I did not even have time to worry about it. It was a fabulous experience.

How did you get into this field?

When I met Jonathan Kigner in 1980 an instant attraction was forged when he shared that his dream was to open a group home for people with developmental disabilities. Within months I was helping him achieve that dream.

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Clinical Program Director

In-Home Support, Access Housing, ILS and SILS

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Program Director

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Director of Corporate Compliance  Residential Openings

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Laurie Kigner

Leadership Team Member-at-Large

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Advocate of Person Centered Strategies

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Recruiting and Training Coordinator

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